Friday, March 14, 2014

Greetings fellow race fans. Welcome to Poto's Moto Blog. Basically,I will be talking about the greatest form of racing on the planet....INDYCAR (perhaps some F1....if you're looking for NASCAR....just go away now, I will not be talking Cabs here, plenty of other outlets for those folks.)

A little bit of background on me....I have been involved in broadcasting (high school sports about 99% of the time since 1997., dabbled in some college hoops for a bit). You name it, there's a good chance I have broadcast it; football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, hockey. For more info on that side of my life, check out (Of course, you know that because the link to here is through there!)

All of my life, one of my biggest passions has been open-wheel racing. I have always thought the Indianapolis 500 has been one of the preeminent events in the world of sport. Any event that can draw north of a quarter-million people on a parcel of land on the Northwest side of Indianapolis in a little town called Speedway, get the picture. My first memory I have of Indy was the '82 finish between Gordon Johncock and Rick Mears. As a youngster, i just was so crushed to see Rick come up short at the end by 0.16 seconds to Gordy (of course, my near-8-year-old self didn't know at the time that both men had already won the Greatest Spectacle in Racing), but growing up, Rick Mears was who i wanted to be...calm, cool, patient, fast.

Since that time, the sport, like life, has evolved. Some for the good, some not. Again, I will post news, analysis and thoughts, and always, the views expressed are not necessarily the views on Mid America Broadcasting LLC, they are my own.

All righty.....there's the ice breaker. Now let the blogging begin!


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